Terms and conditions

1. Introduction

This document establish the terms and conditions of the website ataweka.com (from now on, called “the portal”), property of ataweka, S.L. (from now on, called “ataweka”), with fiscal address in Presa Nº0, 36770 Rosal (O), Pontevedra, Spain en email address info@ataweka.com, with the fiscal identification number B94094000 and registers in Tui, Pontevedra, volume 3926, sheet 100, page PO55998.

The current terms and conditions do not exclude that certain portal services, due to its nature, would be subject to specific terms and conditions (from now on, “specific terms and conditions”), The usage by the portal by any use means the acceptance of all terms of conditions in the current portal as well as the specific terms and conditions when applicable.

2. Access, usage and the portal services

The user will make proper and fair use of the portal and its content, in accordance with the applicable law, the current terms and conditions, with moral, accepted best practises and order.

The portal offers a great variety of serviles which require the user log on, making the user log on a condition to be able to make use of the services. However, not all the services from the portal require a user log on.

Ataweka, S.L. reserves the right to publish all, or some of the user´s ads in third party sites, marketing campaigns, blogs, social networks or other third party websites.

I. The portal usage and services
The user will not: make unauthorised use of the portal and its content access or try to access restricted areas of the portal without honouring the terms and conditions required for such access (iii) use the portal and its content with the ilegal purposes, that go against the current terms and conditions, good order, in detrimental of the third parties or other interests from third parties or in other type of order, miss use or overload the portal in order to stop its normal operations and use of the portal. (iv) damage in any form ataweka, its suppliers or third parties (v) introduce or publish viruses or other type of systems that could damage in any form ataweka, its suppliers or third parties. (vi) try to access, make use or missuse data from ataweka, suppliers or other users. (vii) reproduce copy, distribute, to grant public access through any type of communications, edit or modify content, unless the content is subject to be editable by the user (viii) delete, hide or handle notes from the intelectual property and any other data that belongs to ataweka or other third party information from the content. (ix) obtain or try to obtain content that was made used of the portal that could damage or malfunction of the portal or its content. II. Under age

As a general rule, to make use of the services from the portal all under age would required to provide authorisation by their parents, tutors, or legal representatives whom will become full responsables of all activities conducted on the portal by the under age. For those services that advised only for over 18 years old the areas should be restricted extractively for over 18 years old.

3. Intellectual property rights

The user recognise and accepts that all the intellectual property rights about the content or any other elements in the portal (including without limit to brands, logos, commercial names, brands, texts, images, graphs, designs, sounds, databases, software, diagrams, layouts, audio and video) belong to ataweka. You may not copy, distribute, reproduce, sell, lease, assign, rent, sublicense, encumber any aspect of the website or any content.

The user grants access to ataweka to make use of the published content inserting watermarks or other means to ensure no misused by third party.

4. Disclaimer of warranties

Warranty and responsibly limitations of the Portal

Ataweka will not guarantee the Portal availability and functionality. At the same time, ataweka will not be liable for any of the loss or damage that could be cause of (i) luck of Portal availability, (ii) discontinuity of the Portal services due to software incidents, disconnections, delays or blocks caused for overloading the connection, on the internet or other systems during the normal Portal functionality and operations; (iii) luck of suitability of the Portal functionality to the user and (iv) other loss or damages that could be caused by unauthorised third parties outside of ataweka´s controls.

Ataweka takes several actions to protect the Portal and its content against third party attacks. However, ataweka can not guarantee unauthorised third parties have access to the type of usage of the portal done by the user or the conditions, characteristics or escenarios on which the Portal is used. En consequence, ataweka will not be liable for loss or damage that could be caused by that unauthorised usage. II. Warranty and responsibility limitations of the usage of the Portal.

Ataweka will not be liable in any case of the usage that the User or Third parties will do of the Portal and its content, nor from the loss of damages that could be caused by the same.

III. Warranty and responsibility limitations of the content.

Ataweka does not edit the content from third parties on the Portal publications, therefore it cannot guarantee the reliability, rightness, veracity, accuracy, thoroughness and updates of the content. Ataweka will not be liable whatsoever of the damages that could be caused by (i) luck of reliability, rightness, veracity, accuracy, thoroughness and/or updated content form third parties, (ii) the inappropriate expectations generated by the content, (iii) decisions or actions taken or avoided by the User trusting the information or data published in the Content, including without limitation the loss of revenue or other business opportunities.

IV. Warranty exclusions and third party links.

The Portal will enable links, directories or search tools that will enable the Users to access sites managed by third parties. Ataweka will not be liable, nor approve, nor make its owns the products, services, content, information, data, files or any other type of material from these sites and does not control nor take responsibility, approve or make its owns the subsequent changes to those content/materials. En case consider necessary or required by the judicial authority or administration, ataweka will remove the links or any other sites that do not comply with the current legislation or damage the rights of third parties.

5. Contracting with Third Parties thought the Portal

The user assumes and accepts that any contractual or deal agreed between advertisers or third parties through the services of the Portal, including tendering, promotions, transactions are assumed done between the advertisers and the third parties, excluding ataweka from any responsibility including the damages that could be caused during the negotiations, contract or transactions between the advertisers or third parties done through the Portal.

6. Limitations on the usage ofd the Portal and its services

Ataweka reserves the right to block or restrict the access to the Users due to misuse or infringe the terms of use without having to notify the user.

Ataweka reserves the right to delete any content without previous notification at any time.

Ataweka will not be liable against the user or any third party for blocking access or deleting content.

7. Misuse compensation

Ataweka reserves the right, applicable at any time, to charge five euros for any add that will need to be deleted by the Portal for misused of the services and that do not comply with the current terms of use. This right can be applied against the user or third parties that are accountable in the misuse of the services offered through the portal and that do not comply with this terms of use.

8. Duration and termination

The services and/or content of the Portal have an undefined duration.

Without hard of the previous, and for legal causes, ataweka can terminate, put on hold or interrupt the Portal services or any of its services without previous notifications.

9. Changes in the Terms of use

Ataweka reserves the rights to change the current Terms of Use with the aim of adjusting them to the current legislation, jurisprudence and market demands. The user is subject to the published terms of use in the moment that access the Portal.

10. Jurisdiction and legislation

The Portal and the Terms of use are regulated by the Spanish Lay and is subject to the jurisdiction of the competent authority in the Spanish territory.

In the even to of any dispute or disagreement between ataweka and the user, the advertiser or third parties derived by the use of the Portal and/or the terms of use, ataweka is available at first instance to resolve the dispute in a friendly manner.

11. Cookies

The user accepts that ataweka could use cookies whenever the user access the Portal. The cookies from ataweka are only associated between an anonymous user and its computer and can not provide references that could enable to work out personal data from the User. The user could configure the browser in order to notify or cancel the installation of the cookies from ataweka without restricting the User the access to the content.

12. Personal data protection

The personal data provided in the Portal will be used according to the current data protection law.

To complete the User registration, the user must read and accept the information related to the privacy and personal data protection.

13. Service definitions

Ataweka offers the following services in the portal:

14. Pricing policys

The pricing policy of ataweka for the services available in the Portal are the following:.

I. Active ads

Ataweka allow the users to have five active ads without any cost. We will consider active ads at least for a month since the activation of the ad.

II. Ad promotion in the front page

The main page of the Portal will allow to promote three adds in six different sections at a rate of a euro per selected day.

III. Auctions on ads

Ataweka will charge an euro por each ad that will be marked for auction without considering the final auction price.

IV. Marketing campaigns

Ataweka do not have a pricing policy for the marketing campaigns which are offered on the portal. The marketing campaigns are based on a bid that will take place before the campaign and it will be compulsory to make the full payment of the final bid price in order to have the marketing campaign active.

V. Withdraw of financial contributions

Ataweka will charger 5 percent of the total amount that the user will withdraw from the financial contribution.

On top of the prices mentioned previously, ataweka will pass through to the user the financial expenses from the method type selected by the user.